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    GEMtek Corporation was established in May 2002 in Suzhou Industrial Park, the company is committed to providing assistance to the development of high-tech industries in China.
    Shinryo Corporation, a parent company, is part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, 
a global integrated chemical company. With more than half a century of accumulated chemical technology capabilities and technological development, it contributes to the development of customers worldwide with the advanced precision cleaning technology.
    Since its establishment, GEMtek Corporation has relied on these technological capabilities to provide precision cleaning services to its customers, focusing on the semiconductor and flat panel display industries in China. It has become an important partner to various customers and is widely acclaimed.
    With the policy adjustment of the Chinese government, it is foreseeable that the high-tech industry will have better development in the future. GEMtek Corporation will continue to strive to "provide services that satisfy our customers" and "contribute to society". In addition, we will also abide by the principle of "people-oriented and sustainable development", comply with all laws and regulations, and pay attention to safety and environmental protection.
    In the future, GEMtek Corporation will also strive to let each and every one of its staff play to their strengths, to develop new technologies and services with vitality and vigour, and to provide better services and contributions to the development of our customers. I believe that GEMtek Corporation will grow further.


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