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Item Introduction
·Precise cleaning of semiconductor、LCD manufacture device parts
·Degrease cleaning after precise workpiece manufacture
·Measure workpiece measurement、surface expands observed etc.
·Analyse all kinds of components
·Feel free to contact us about the cleaning working


Specialty of Shiryo Group cleaning

1.As the precise cleaning company, the company has its unique rich cleaning achievements without following the steps of other companies.
  ·As the professional company for cleaning semiconductor (LCD) manufacture device, the company has 34 years cleaning experience
  ·It has its own professional cleaning workshop in Japan, Taiwan Area and China Mainland
  ·It has cooperation with all semiconductor manufacturers
2.Highly cleaning technology capacity derived from technology capacity of chemical company
  ·Special chemical cleaning capacity to inhibit the damage of base material to the lowest extent
  ·Have special cleaning technology research and development center
3.In order to eliminate the worry of customer on the product pollution, the company has special workshop equipment
  ·Own independent Cu workshop for cleaning Cu LINE product
  ·Own SEM-EDX for measuring and analyzing production pollution
4.In order to meet the demand of customers, the company has the quality guarantee system
  ·There is operation system respectively managing departments as business, quality, technology, manufacture etc. inside the cleaning workshop
  ·Improve the skill of operators through authentication system, award and punishment system and rich education


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